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    television history

    i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

    I can see why that would take years to explain. It hardly makes any sense.

    Fer Connor. Fucking sad movie song.

    Rip vader

    I remember now. It was a spoof of the ending of the OC.

    It was the end of season 2 when calib died. The oc was only one of the many shows that used this song

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  2. Adrian’s RCA’s, made by DSP wildknight86

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    Holy shit. First I’ve seen with supra that look good. Spaced and dumped

    at this angle the lack of sun shade looks aight,. i gots to know about the front lip, looks perfect for this shape. some p type flares came with integrated mudflaps? spaced out supras look rad. brupt

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  4. picked up the 4.3 diff today. coilovers ordered, be here next week. wheels being shipped next week. good lawd. the things . need to squeeze in a track day or two and daily drive this thing before DUI then bomb up and do the skids. most excited, not stressed yet. ice

  6. wheeeeew ya curvy laydaysss

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    our boy ian’s 240sx

    shes a good lookin curr. minus them hood pins

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    Yuma Saito ^_^

    my fav/ heart balloon

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    Embroidered Cat Shirts By Hiroko Kubota

    Where 2 cop?!

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  10. found this on google while looking for lavender frost. this is a fine examply of oem cools. really like this car and the seafoam. nice height and all that. id only add the half and half signals. thats IT


  11. Hoe shit. Step in the right direction supra. Lo lo coming soon!

  13. I like those drawers. Nice kitchen

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