1. dyhomme:



    some of the most sensitive areas of the female body

    kiss me in all the places 😩

    Im tryna kiss the inside of ya elbows bitch

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  2. warrenwarren:

    Kobe and I getting the car ready for skids tomorrow. Running oil that sucks in 4ag? We will see. Empty catch can. So stoked on this PCV setup. The big maze can for it to condense in is working so so good. Tuck ecu back in after it short vacation. Cleaning all the windows inside and out. So good.

    Catch can catch in all the dreams

  3. dirtydlux:

    this thing’s comin together pretty cool. that’s me, too.

    Nice neighbourhood. Connor surdis old car?

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  4. duuuuuude. Andy Coderre with the pictures. stoked

  5. warrenwarren:

    Connor doesn’t know how to pack wheels.

    i see my wheels are trash now


  6. On ep 25 of evangelion… This show is mentally draining and the last episodes are so fucking complex and boring. This show is nothing but yelling and crying. No wonder tumblr loves it


  7. 90s-forever:

    Some progress.

    I bent the wastegate actuator arm to fit into the S13 space since its an S14 turbo, it all lined up but due to bending the rod i lengthened it a bit. It was opening prematurely at 4psi and after bending it a bit shorter it now builds 8-10PSI before the end of my driveway.


    if thr CAS is in the same spot, then the timing would remain the same. not sure why you needed to bend the actuator arm though…unless using s13 actuator on the s14 turbo?

    nick doesnt have cams.

    idle if no leaks in the exhausts should be 14.5 or thereabouts. with all the leaks in my exhaust it reads between 12-18. also my IACV is fucked and sometimes works, so that also fucks with numbers as the dile can surge.

  8. nevver:

    Design Crush

    thats a fair point. comfort, food and potentially a partner tend to keep people in one space.


  9. maybe next year I’ll drive at final bout.




    looks pretty fun.

    How many drives have you done locally since car is a car?

    -1. just street play. I need a lot of seat time and a trailer

    You don’t NEED a trailer. It has a multitude of benefits though. Why not do a heavy shake down and then drive PARC and get used to the mechanics of your car? PARC is low speed, high fun, comparatively low wear, unlike evergreen for instance. I’m not sure how much seat time you get at evergreen now a days.. There is our island which is a ton of seat time, but we live on an island and there’s a ferry…which if just driving your car, isn’t the worst but with trailer is a hefty bill. Also a ferry from anacortes to victoria

  10. If you actually take a minute and think. This is the best life advice you’ll ever receive

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  11. maybe next year I’ll drive at final bout.


    looks pretty fun.

    How many drives have you done locally since car is a car?

  12. well, thats a new one to me. oh my

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  14. malformalady:

    The ‘Dissected Cake’ made by the cake artists at the Conjurer’s Kitchen

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  15. slidecarsandsmile:


    s0apgun is here. FUCKING SOAPGUN. Everyone just burn your cars because #bloodrunners killed it. #gameover #finalbout #internetbash

    Falalalalala fuck

    im stoked to see the footage of all these cars. many of these cars i didnt know existed. pretty neat