1. you all when robin williams died: people just need to be more compassionate and understanding when it comes to mental illness
    2. you all when amanda bynes does anything: hahaha so funny!!! that girl is fucking crazy lmao what a train wreck
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    © Andrew Curtis { website }

    White River, Oregon, USA

    I still can’t figure out how they do long exposures with no star trails

    Take two photos and overlay them?

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  6. n-ul:

    me every time i eat tbh


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  7. warrenwarren:

    TJ wanted a FullRace manifold. So we made a FullSphaghetti instead.

    take that dinner rolls

  8. neverseattle:

    Finally got my zeta 3 in the corolla, and took it for a test drive thru some twisties

    lookin fly, my guy

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    Press B to crouch.

    This is a sneaking mission.

    Try to remember the basics of cqc

    dude is a spider. ready to clap!

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    Lol, that’s exactly what I thought Cole san

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    UK Street Style Sucks


    UK game weak bruh

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  12. truck is a truck now. radiator seems to be leaking…as was my old one…fuck. rad hose does not look ideal. greddy water temp gauge wasn’t working? wasn’t registering anything, factory gauge is kinda taking a stab in the dark or something. need to sort that rad and rad hose sitch out. doesnt seem to be leaking other than that. no emissions or idling stuff, so’ i’ll have to get used to that. just drove it back and forth. need to bleed the clutch again, maybe brakes too. figure as much considering i changed like everything. i think one side is toeing in? i centered my steering wheel, but with the drop knuckles you have to cut off 1/4 inch off the outer tie rods, cause they cant adjust enough, it was toeing out like crazy…cut them, exact same amount, passenger side is toeing in quite a bit?? a lot of little things and clean up. going to finish the battery tray once i know the hood can close and its a truck again. supra sounds pretty awful since last drifting, scrapes a bit more than usual, but i have a bit of weight in tools still in the car…pumpkin smash is coming up quick, then i think thats it for me this year and drifting. need to get this truck done, fix the few issues with supra and make the s13 a ‘legal’ car…and by that i mean fix the light fuse that keeps blowing. oh ya, and finsih that cressida too…i wanna make a welding table, im tired of using steelies and plates to make a table that had wholes in it and wobbles.

  13. i just wanted to put a set together of my buddy Mikey’s Cressida with the Serial Nine Type II kit. Looks so jammin. photo credits i believe are still those watermarked on them.